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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How to protect your computer from hacking attacks

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This is a post about how to protect your computer from hacking attacks.
Hey guys, I am going to share with you some important information about "how to protect your computer from hacking attacks". In now days, many cyber attacks attempt by hackers. Millions of money and important data are stolen by computer hackers. Hacker use various tricks to hack our system, we are unaware about that tricks therefore they easily hack us. Mostly hacking attacks occur on internet. If you are daily user of internet, than you should have some knowledge to prevent your computer from hacking attacks. Here are some important tips about protect a computer from hacking attacks. If you should follow them, then I bet that it will definitely help you to protect your computer from hacking attacks.
how to protect your computer from hacking

  • If you protect your computer or network with password than please don’t share your password among your group or circle. When you create a password remember that password should be long as possible. Choose @,-and / type special character to make password strong. Most important thing is change your password every 15-20 days if it was hacked or not.
  • Don’t download any software or application from untrusted firm or website.
  • Don’t click on the web link about which you are not sure.
  • Hackers give you lots of free offer to let you on their website. Please don’t follow more free offer if it is not from trusted or familiar site.
  • Always turn on your firewall security so that it will protect your computer from hacking attacks.
  • Use antivirus software and update it regularly.
  • When internet is not in use, disconnect it from your computer.
Finally, this is my secret to protect my computer from hacking attacks. You can also use it for your computer’s safety and protection. I think you may like this article. Please share it with your friends. It may be helping others. Thank you very much to reading this article. Please share your thoughts about how to protect computer from hacking attacks in the comment box.

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