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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How to earn money online without any investment


The requirement of money is never ended. We always want more money to live life smoothly without any tension. Daily we have only 24 hours; we cannot extend it and do more work to get more money. Then how to get extra money? Here I provide you some proven tips and ways to earn money online from home. Remember that this is not tips to get instant $1000-$5000 or $10000 per day. It will give you $1000, $5000 or $10000 but you must do hard and smart work for that. I bet that if you work seriously than you should get this money. Why I like online work? The best advantage of online work is freedom of work. You can do work based on your hours. There is no one your boss. You are own boss. There is no fix salary for work. If you do more work then you will get more money and less work means less money. This is helpful for women, students and any other person who want to get extra money with some extra work. But there is one problem that what type extra work I do on internet or computer. Here I have list of work through which you can choose anyone or more base on your interest.
How to earn money online without any investment

1) Blogging

Blogging is best and simple way to earn huge money online. A person who does blogging is called as blogger. Blogging is proven and simple way to earn money without any investment. For start blogging you have to start your own blog. In blogging you have to help other people via your blog. You can set up your blog on various free blogging sites like blogger, word press, tumbler and many other free blogging sites. If you have lot of internet traffic than you can put advt. on your blog and earn money online.
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2) Article writing

If you want instant money then you can try this method. Many companies want online writer who write an article on various topic. You can earn 2$ to 10$ per article. You can earn more money if you write well SEO optimized article. Is it simple or not? I like this method most.

3) E-book

If you have an expertise in any field then you can write an e-book and share your thoughts with people. If people like your thoughts then they will buy your e-book. Remember that you have some skill to write an e-book. This is not hard and impossible work. If you don’t sure about how to write an e-book then please see some demo e-book of other authors. Remember that please share genuine ideas with people. Don’t do this only for money. Share some real and helpful ideas in your E-book. If people like your ideas then they tell others buy your e-book.

4) Free lancing

Freelancing is another way to earn money online from internet. If you have skill like graphics design, AutoCAD design, web-design, app-development, data-entry (all work related to computer and internet) then you can join on various free lancing sites. Choose your work category. Bid on the projects and if you get project related to your work category and complete it then you get paid. Remember that there are lots of freelancers among the world working on those sites. So competition is little bit tough but not very high. If you have good reputation on those sites than you will get lots projects and earn money.
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5) Make a video and upload it on YouTube.

Yes, most famous videos site YouTube is not only entertainment site. It will help you to earn money from your videos also. If you have your own videos (means not copied from others) then you can apply for monetize it with advertise. Google’s YouTube team checks your videos and if they are not copied video then they will accept your monetize request and put advertise on your videos. After that people see your videos with some ads. You will pay for it in dollars.

6) Support and services/consultancy

If you are expert in any field then you can provide your supports and services to others. There are many services like word press theme integration, blogger template designing, SEO and many more. You can sell your service and support of any work in which you are expert. There are lots of people who want your service and supports. They will pay for your service.

7) Sell web-templates

In now days online business market is growing very fast. For online business there is need of website to promote business. If you have a skill to develop web-template, wordpress themes or website then this is great place for earning money by selling web-template, themes or website. You can find out more customers from various freelancing sites.

8) E-tutor

E-tutor is another way to earning money online. If you have excellent skill in any field or subject then you can learn it others by some bucks of money. There are lots of people who want your help to solve their problems and they pay you for it. There are some sites on which you can start your e-tutor career.

9) Sell your old things

If you like to collect old things then you can make an online website of that. Then you can integrate it with advertise and earn money. This is another great way to earn money online by selling old things. If you have some old things then you can sell it on the websites named…

10) Sell your paintings and photos

If you have hobby to make paintings or photography then I have great news for you. Yes, you can sell it and earn money online with it. Here are some websites on which you can sell your paintings and photos.

11) Sell product online/ affiliate program

This is another simple and high earning method by sell products online. In this method you have to sell product of another company. If product successfully sold then they pay you commission. Commissions may different by different business provider. This is little bit though method to earn money online. But if you have an experience to sell product with great product review then this method give you more money compare with others. There are many companies who have their affiliate programs. Mostly there are no any registration fees for joining affiliate programs. You can join free and sell product and earn money online.
Here I provide all best ways to earn money online without any investment. I hope that you may like it. They are simple to follow and work on them. If you have other ways then please share it with me in the comments box below. If you like this collection of best ways to earn money online then please shares it with others and helps them.


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