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Sunday, 19 April 2015

[*TRICK*] How do I download YouTube videos to my computer

Hello friends, do you ever try to download YouTube videos. You may found that there is no download option for download video on YouTube. If you want to download videos from youtube then you have to download it manually. Here I share two different and working methods for download YouTube videos. I hope that you may like it.
How do I download YouTube videos to my computer

Method-1 : Using simple trick

For download YouTube videos using website follow the below steps.
Step 1: Open www.youtube.com and start video you want to download
Step 2: Now use this trick. Just put "SS" in your YouTube video URL like this "http://www.ssyoutube.com/your-video-url" and press enter. You will redirect to another page with your YouTube video URL.
Step 3: Now choose video quality you want to download and click on download button. That's it! your video is start downloading.

Method-2 : Using tube-helper plug-in

For download YouTube videos using plug-in follow the below steps.
Step 1: Install tube-helper plug-in in your browser
Step 2: You can search this plugin from your browser’s extension area or on Google.
Step 3: Now open WWW.YouTube.com and start video you want to download. Now you can see download option at the bottom of the video. You can click on it and choose low quality, high quality videos.

Some video download sites list

It is quite easy to download YouTube videos to computer by above two methods. How can you download youtube videos? Share your experience with me in the comment box. If you like this post and like my effort then please share it with your friends.
If you have any query regarding download YouTube videos. Please let me know in comment box.


  1. Or Just add VD to the youtube link,there is also VDYoutube.com that offers good services to download all format from youtube by just adding vd and most famous website like facebook, twitter, vimeo, vk and so on

  2. The implicit video player empowers you to begin viewing the recordings instantly without holding up until the whole video is downloaded. how to download from youtube,