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Sunday, 5 April 2015

How to create a blog on blogger (step by step guide)

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So finally you decided to create a blog on blogger, great it’s absolutely great decision. If you work hard in the blogging field then you will get success. I saw many people who earn thousand of bucks monthly from blogging. Now I will not take your more time and come to the point. Here you will learn how to create a blog on blogger step by step. If you don’t understand any steps please feel free to comment me or email me to get answer.
So, first step to start blog on blogger, you must have an account on Google. If you have not an account on Google then create it. Refer this link to how to create an account on Google. After creating Google account. Go to http://www.blogger.com and login with your recently created Google account. Remember that blogger is a product of Google so you can log in it using Google account.
How to create a blog on blogger
Now follow the below steps to create a blog on blogger.
1) Click on “New Blog”. If you click on the “New Blog” then one pop-up will display like below screenshot.
How to create a blog on blogger
2) Choose your blog title in it. After that choose address of your blog. Remember that your blog address is your blog identity. So choose a simple and best address of your blog. Your blog address also play very important role in Google search engine. Finally you have to choose your blog template that how it look like.
Congratulation you created your first blog successfully.
Now click on your newly created blog and you will see various options like Overview, Posts, Pages, Comments, Google+ and many other options.
For create a first post on your blog click on the "New Post" option and write a post. It's a very simple to write a new post and publish it. If you don’t publish it then it will saved in drafts.
You can change your blog design or view using "template" option. You can also customize your current template’s design and view using "template" option. Please take a look at "template" option for what is inside it. You can also disable and enable your blog’s mobile view from there.
Now if you want to change your blog title, blog description or blog address then you can click on "setting" tab it sidebar options. Then click on "basic" and change your blog title, description or address. Isn’t it simple? :)
There are lots of other things like monetize your blog for generating money from it, affiliate marketing, generating large traffic from social media, but for this step this is enough for you. Write quality content and get a organic traffic (A traffic comes from search engines like Google, yahoo, bing and other search engines). Here I provide a video for you that I found on YouTube that will help you to clear concept on how to create a blog on blogger.

Thank you very much to read this whole post. If you like it then please share it because your sharing will help someone on this nice planet.

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