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Sunday, 5 April 2015

What is wordpress and why it is so famous?

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Hey guys, today I am sharing some ideas about world’s most famous CMS (Content management system). I think you guess it. Yeah that is a wordpress. Yes, wordpress is most famous CMS in the world right now. Here we will understand about what is wordpress And Why it is so famous?
What is wordpress? Why it is so famous?

What is wordpress?

There are lots of articles which explain about wordpress but in simply word “Wordpress is advance blogging platform for non-technical person and it’s a powerful tool for creating website and plugins in PHP language for web-developer. Wordpress is open-source project so anyone can work on it. One more thing about wordpress is secure and stable platform.”. It is simple software (it may be range between 2 or 3 MB). You can download wordpress from here. Anyone can use wordpress because it is very simple and have lots of supports from its community. People (who are not web-developer) often use wordpress for blogging and people (who are developers) use it for creating themes, plugins and much more.

Why wordpress is so famous?

As I say wordpress is simple and secure plateform for blogging and developing websites. It has lots of support and forums. You can get easily get answers of your questions from wordpress community. Wordpress is open source software so that there are many developers work on it. There are many companies provide services for developing websites on it and earn lots of money without spending any money to buy wordpress software. There are lots of wordpress tutorials so that anyone can learn it and use it. There are lots of free themes and plugins available on the wordpress. One interesting thing about wordpress is that you can host your blog on it for free. It will not take any hosting charge for creating free blog on it.
These are my personal ideas about world’s most famous CMS and blogging platform wordpress. What are you thinking about it. Please share your ideas in the comments. If you like this article please share it on the social media like facebook, twitter or google+. Thank you for reading whole article.

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