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Saturday, 28 January 2017

7 Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

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Android devices have gained immense popularity in the last few years, and the proliferation in the use of Android-based phones, tablets, and phablets indicate that how Android has become an integral part of nearly 60% smartphone and tablet users across the globe.

Whether you are using a Samsung phone, a Nexus Smartphone, a new Moto X, an HTC handset, a Sony smartphone or any other devices powered by Android, there is a lot to explore beyond the basic phone and app functionalities. Google has developed Android to be one of the most feature rich operating systems for smartphones and tablets, that there are innumerable features to be explored. This post will introduce you to
7 most amazing android tips and tricks which you probably didn’t know about earlier.

1. Set Mobile Data Limit

Most of us, nowadays, use a lot of mobile data and often the limited mobile data packs end up within few days. So, if you want to track your mobile data usage or set a limit on it so that you can stop yourself from overusing the mobile internet, here’s a solution for you.

Navigate to “Settings” and choose the “Data Usage” option. Drag the orange line to the point, which you want to set the data limit on your phone. Once you reach the set limit, you would be alerted by your phone or tablet.

2. Changing the Default Apps

Most of the time, some default apps are set for the different tasks. For instance, Chrome is used for opening the web links, and you wonder how to change it. Well, the default app settings can be changed easily. 

All you need to do is:
  • Navigate to “Settings” and choose the “Apps” option
  • Swipe to the right and seek the “All” tab
  • From the given apps, select the app which you want to remove from the default list
  • Tap the “Clear Defaults” button

3. Accessing the Quick Settings Menu

As the name suggests, this menu is meant for the quick settings. But, are you getting problems accessing it?
Well, you won’t face any issues related to it now. In order to access it, simply swipe it simultaneously with two fingers and the menu will appear.

4. Locate the Annoying App Notifications

Sometimes, your Android device keeps on showing some annoying notifications and you want to stop them from appearing, but are not even sure that these are being caused by which app.

It's easy to get rid of the, Simply, long press the notification whose source app you want to locate and your device will tell you about the app that’s causing it.

5. Priority Mode

It is one of the mot underused and underrated feature of Android, and a lot of Android users are not aware of it.

Using the priority mode, you can put your Android device into the quiet mode, but still, the important notifications can be heard as if the phone is set on the ringer mode. These notifications can be for the WhatsApp messages, voice calls, notifications from some specific apps, or alerts like alarms.

In order to set the priority mode, all you need to do is, Navigate to “Settings” and choose “Sound & Notifications” and then click “Do Not Disturb”. Here you can select the options which you require. This can quickly be toggled on and off easily from the “Quick Settings Menu”

6. Smart Lock

Smart Lock is another amazing feature that eliminates the need for using a keypad lock when you are in a trusted environment, such as your home.

Smart Lock uses certain network-based features, the GPS, your voice and even your face to prevent your phone from getting locked, delivering a hassle-free and much faster experience. So, just head to “Settings”, then choose “Security” and then select “Smart Lock” to set it up.

7. Safeguard Your Device When its Lost With Owner Info

Although, there is no surefire way of guaranteeing that you will get your phone or tablet back after you lose it. That being said, you can use one of the features of the Android device to enhance the chances of your phone being returned.

Simply go to the “Settings”, then head to “Security” and then choose “Owner Info”. You will be redirected to a small box where you can enter your contact information. This information will be shown on your lock screen, and if someone finds your lost phone, they can get your information and might return it back.

The aforementioned tips and tactics will certainly improve your experience with the Android devices. While these steps may vary a little from device to device, due to the difference in the manufacturing company or the OS version, but, if you explore a bit, you would easily find the next step.

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