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Monday, 23 January 2017

How to Backup Android Device [Step by Step Guide]

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In nowadays, Smartphone is the most useful device for people. In current busy life, people can not survive without mobile. We have all our best memories (videos and photos), schedule tasks and other important things (contacts) stored in our mobile.

Losing the data from Smartphone’s has become a regular problem to Smartphone users. Losing the data from Android devices will affect the system functionality. To get recover from losing data from Smartphone’s there are plenty of 3rd party Apps in Google play. But some of these apps may cause problems to our Android Devices. Instead of using the third party app there is a simple and easy trick. That is we need to take data backup from our Smartphone regularly. So, how to take backup of Smartphone data. Here we wrote an article about how to backup data from Android Smartphone/Devices.

How to Backup Android Device:

Backup of Android Devices/Smartphone’s can be done in many ways. Here we have shown you 3 best methods to take data backup from Android Devices. Here we the 3 ways.
  1. Backup Android through Google Account
  2. Backup Android through Third Party Apps/Software’s
  3. Backup Android through PC

How to take Data Backup through Google Account

  • Go to Settings >> Backup & Reset

  • Now, you need to enable the option “Back up my data”

  • Choose the Google account you want to backup the data.

  • If you have a Google Pixel, you can backup everything from this.

How to take Data Backup through Third Party Apps/Software’s

Now a days, there are plenty of apps available in Google Play store. Using these apps we can take our Smartphones data backup. Here you can find some apps which are available in Google Play Store.
  1. G Cloud Backup
  2. Titanium Backup
  3. SOS Online Backup
  4. SyncDroid
  5. Koofr Backup
  6. MyBackup
  7. Contacts Guard

Now, you can search for this app in Play store. These apps are available for free, so you can easily download it. Once the application has installed, just sign up using your Facebook or Google Account. It is as per the app rules & regulations. Sign up the process for the account may vary as per app.

By default, the data is backed up when your device is connected to Wife Network. There is also another option to auto backup files, delete files that are backed up, secure the app.

Once you have done, grant the necessary permissions. Select the data you want to backup. But these apps will have limited storage for free, you can increase the storage through subscription plans as per the app.

How to take Data Backup through PC/Desktop/Laptop

Almost everyone is having Desktop/Laptop at home. As the Smartphone device is mounted on the system as a flash drive. It is a simple and easy task to take back up through PC/Desktop/Laptop. Simply you need to connect your Smartphone to PC through data cable. So, you can just drag and drop files.

These are the simple ways you can backup your android device and almost all these ways are simple and straight forward. If you face any issues while taking backup your android device, please feel free to comment here. We will respond to you as early as possible. Stay tuned to our blog for more Tech updates & Solutions. If you face any problems with this methods, Do let us know about it here in the comments.

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