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Monday, 16 January 2017

What To Do When You have Lost Your iPhone Whose Battery Has Died?

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Losing an iPhone is one of the worst feelings that can make you panic. An iPhone is not only one of the most expensive gadgets but also a prized possession that no one wants to lose. Unfortunately, if it's lost or gets stolen, it is quite natural for one to get worried. However, the good news is that it's possible to locate a lost iPhone with some handy tips and tricks. This post will share some of the best ways to find an iPhone after you lose it.

After losing an iPhone, many people worry that while it's still easy to locate an iPhone when it is active, but, if its battery is dead or is switched off, how can it be located. But again, it is possible to locate a lost iPhone whose battery is dead, the SIM card is removed or is switched off using a plethora of tactics.

Following some of the easiest and best ways to find a lost iPhone:

Use Find My iPhone App

Find My iPhone is one of the best proprietary solutions developed by Apple to facilitate its users to find their devices when they are lost with ease and comfort. This feature is especially useful when your iPhone gets stolen, and you have no idea who might have taken it.

In order to enable the “Find My iPhone” feature, first of all, you need to enable it. Following are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone and click iCloud

  2. Select Find My iPhone
  3. Enable the options, Find My iPhone and Send Last Location

How To Find your iPhone Using “Find My iPhone App”

If you have lost your iPhone, all you need to do is find an Apple device, use your Apple ID and Password, to find the lost phone’s location.
  1. Open the Find My iPhone App on the device
  2. Sign Out from the logged in Apple ID on the device, and use your own Apple ID and Password to login

  3. After successfully logging into the device, choose the missing iPhone from the list of the devices being shown

  4. Simply click on the dot placed near to the device’s icon to get the geographical coordinates of the location of the device, even when the device is not active

How to Find Your iPhone, If You Don’t Have Any Other Apple Device

If you have lost your iPhone and don’t even have any other Apple device to log into the “Find MY iPhone” in order to find out the location of the lost phone, then you can simply use any computer to do the same. 
Following are the steps which you need to follow:
  1. Open www.icloud.com website from your computer’s browser

  2. Sign In using your Apple ID and Password
  3. This will open your phone’s iCloud and you can easily find the “Find My iPhone“ icon

  4. Click on the icon and you will get the listing of your lost device
  5. When you click on the listing, you will get the geographical location of your lost iPhone

Find Your iPhone Using Google Maps

You may regret not enabling the “Find My iPhone” option on your phone when it is lost. But, even if you have not enabled the option, you need not panic. You can still find your iPhone. All you need to do is leverage the “Google Maps” to locate a lost iPhone. First of all, log into your Google Account, and then move to “maps.google.com/locationhistory”. Now, select the date on which you lost your iPhone so that you can track its locations from that date. You can easily find the current location of your iPhone and locate it.

Find Your iPhone Using GadgetTrak

GadgetTrak is a web-based service which enables a lost iPhone to send its location data to the app’s servers. Using this information, one can log into a web console for locating the lost iPhone through the GPS or IP address. There are some other ways to locate the lost iPhone. While the company charges the users for using this service on the other platforms, but it is completely free for iPhone users.

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Find Your iPhone Using FoneHome

FoneHome is an amazing app that helps you find out the geographical coordinates of the stolen or lost iPhones. It not only allows tracking of the lost phones but also possesses the ability to take the pictures remotely (So, you may even get the picture of the thief), play a sound (in order to locate your iPhone if it's lost somewhere under the couch or at home) and track the information online. This app is available just for a one time pay of $1.99 and does not even requires you to pay a periodic subscription.

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