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Sunday, 26 February 2017

How to Stop AutoPlay Video Sound on Facebook

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It has been noted that with the continuous changes going around on Facebook the popularity of the platform even got a hike when videos got implemented on it. Well! As we know that every coin has two sides thus, where most of us loved the feature of videos but, not everyone appreciated this auto-playing video feature in Facebook. There is a big problem for those who have limited data plan but, for those who have unlimited data plan, auto-playing videos are no major concern. Initially, where they have launched playing the videos on mute now, they have turned the volume on now. One thing that is good with this auto-play feature is that once, you scroll through the news feed the volume will be up for the videos you are immediately at and once you get past then, the sound will fade away.

This auto-play video sound was not the only update that Facebook announced it also updated the feature of playing the vertical videos on full screen, updated thumbnail based progress bar etc. Although this Auto-playing video feature is great but personally I am not a fan of the auto-playing sound of the video.

There is a way to disable Facebook Auto-playing video sound. Below are the steps to disable the Facebook auto-play video sound:

Turning off the Facebook Auto-Play Sound in IOS

If you are using an I-Phone then, these steps are going to help you turn off the Auto-playing feature of Facebook:
  • Open up the Facebook Application and move to the Last Tab. Go to the Settings and click on the Account Settings. [ you can go to the last tab with the help of account Settings]

  • Click on the Sounds option and disable the “Videos in News Feed start with sound” option. After doing this, the auto-playing video sounds will be muted. 

Turning off the Facebook Auto-Play Sound in Android

If you are an android user then to mute this auto-playing video sound option includes following steps:

  • Go and open up the Facebook application and go to the Last Tab using the Hamburger Menu Icon.

  • Now Scroll down to the option of App Settings
  • Now you will find the option of the “Videos in News Feed Start with Sound” and all you need to do is disable this option. 
These are all steps that you have to use to disable the Auto-playing sound option of the Facebook news feed.

If you like the new feature of Auto-playing video sound on Facebook it’s good but, if you are like me who does not like this new feature and find it a little annoying then it is suggested you should disable the option to enjoy surfing Facebook. These simple steps described above can help you in disabling the feature. Keep with us to know the process of disabling the feature on web browsers. 

1 comment :

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